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Plastic two-set plug pack

Plastic plugs for French model (open hole) flute keys. Fits Intermediate Series Yamaha flutes (300 and 400 series). Includes two sets (ten plugs total). For contrast, first key at left is shown without a plug.

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Plug Set – Large Silicone Rubber

Large diameter (8mm) silicone plug, set of five.

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Plug Set – Medium Silicone Rubber

Set of five plugs for French model keys (open holes) made of silicone rubber. Medium diameter 7.5mm. This silicone plug fits almost all flute models except Amadeus and Sonare 505 series.

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Plug-O Flute Plugs

Five silver plugs, fitted with rubber O-ring. They are designed to fit flutes with standard size 7mm open holes. Plug-Os fit the following flute models: Powell; Amadeus; Altus; Haynes Classic Q models; Pearl 695 and 795 models only.

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Ring Key Patches

The Yamaha ring key patch completely covers the holes of the key caps to ensure even better sounds without changing the tone. If the keys are soiled, wipe them on the side that comes into contact with the patch beforehand. Attach the patch in a position so that the holes on the upper surface of the key caps are completely hidden (ensure that all wrinkles are smoothed out.) Package includes ten patches – five patches per sheet, two sheets per package. Ring Key Patches fit any brand or model flute

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