Bass Boost


This innovative new product serves as a support for Bass Flutes, allowing for better posture and easy, seamless playing.The Bass Boost is also adjustable – it can be used in sitting or standing positions.
The new 2021 version is more versatile and collapses to a smaller size!



The Bass Boost includes a black-cloth carrying bag and the Cradle has a small plastic bag cover – save this, to use it as a dust cover when not using the stand.

The thin part of the ‘Cradle’ faces the player.

The flute rests in the shallow curve of the cradle’s shape.

The Cradle has a ‘grippy pad’ surface. If it gets dusty, it can be cleaned with a 50/50 mix of water and alcohol.



Hold the Bass Boost with one hand, and use the other hand to grab the end of a foot, and pull it away from the body. Pull it down, until you hear a “click” as the leg-lock clicks into place.

CHECK the leg-lock, to make sure it’s locked properly. (see photos)

Do the same for all three legs, and set the Bass Boost down on a level surface. Make sure the legs are solid. (If they fold, they are not locked)


Closing the legs/feet:

Flip-Locks: To OPEN a Flip-Lock, curl your fingers around the column, and use your thumb to push the tab open. Once unlocked, pull the column to where you need it, then CLOSE/CLAMP the flip-lock. This works for either right or left hands.


Use the Flip-Locks to slide the columns to their lowest positions, as seen in the “Bass Boost Mk3” Photo #1. This is best done one at a time.


  • Pickup the Bass Boost with one hand.
  • Place the end of a leg in the palm of the other hand, use your thumb and 1st finger to grab the Leg-Lock nubs, and wrap your other fingers around the leg towards your palm.
  • PULL the Leg-Lock nubs toward your palm (pull both nubs at the same time). This will release the leg-lock and allow you to rotate the leg up towards the post. (No ‘click’ will happen)
  • Repeat 2-times for the other 2 legs. (see photos)

Cradle Placement:

Please spend some time, getting used to using Bass Boost before using it in performance.


The Bass Boost is designed be to the right of the player. If you’re sitting, about 4” – 10” from the side of the chair. Adjust to what feels right for you.


Bass-flute: I generally place the ‘cradle’ somewhere under the F-key, with the cradle to the Right of the Rt-Thumb. (Your Rt-Thumb helps to keep the BB from sliding up the tube…esp. if you use alot of tilt.)


Others have found that cradle-placement, a bit South of the G# key, works better for them. YPMY (Your Placement May Vary). Placement depends on the overall balance of the instrument, in your hands, when playing.

** DO NOT place the Bass Boost at the end of the foot-joint **


The “Travel Adjustment” collar should generally be about 1-2 turns above the lowest setting. (lowest setting prevents travel) “This adjusts how much ‘travel’ (swing-limits) is allowed, as you play.

Very important, as too much travel will allow the BB to fall over, when you lift the flute off the cradle.

The flute should rest, lightly, on the cradle. No additional downward force is needed to keep the flute in place.


Playing while Standing up: I recommend turning the “Travel Adjustment” collar to the lowest position (None, or very little Travel), and place one of your feet, on a BB_mk3 foot.

  • This limits ‘travel’, but the BB will stay up straight, when you lift the flute off the cradle.


Height adjustments are made with the “FlipLocks”. With a little practice, you can make these adjustments with one hand. Please be careful when finding the correct height for your playing position.

  • I find that a good ‘starting-place’ is to position the Bass Boost just below shoulder-height, try blowing a few notes, and make adjustments as necessary.


NOTE: Column of Bass Boost can rotate as well. If you need to turn the Bass Boost so the ‘cradle’ is pointing the right way for you, grasp the column (NOT the cradle), and rotate with your right-hand. The first time you do this, it will be a little stiff.

  • You can open up the “travel adjustment”, and use a little ‘swing’ as you rotate the Bass Boost. This will loosen things up a bit. Remember to re-adjust the ‘travel adjustment’ back to a reasonable setting.


Stand-up play

1) place your flute on the resting stand,

2) adjust the Bass Boost to your standing-shoulder-height,

3) pick up the flute and see how it feels.

  • Open the flip-locks one at a time and adjust for the height you need.

4) Place one of your feet, on one of the BB feet. This helps to stabilize the BB.

5) Stagecraft: practice the switch from sitting to standing, before your performance.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are taller than 5’8” (173 cm), you may find that the ‘cradle’ is not tall enough for you, when standing up, even with all the column segments at their highest. If that’s the case, there is an “extension” available. (I’m ~5’11”. The extension I use has four risers, and adds about 4.5” to the height) Contact us for more details.

Mindfulness: Remember, the Bass Boost is a tall pole, with a small base.

If it falls over, it can do damage to your or another musicians’ instrument.


The Bass Boost can carry up to about 10 lbs without slipping.

** Please avoid putting your full-weight on it when playing **

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