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Supercharge Your Flute Technique

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Supercharge Your Flute Technique by Peter Bartels

Australian performer and pedagogue Bartels has created a technique book aimed at bridging the gap between materials for the beginner and advanced player and has done so in a creative and engaging manner. Consisting of seven chapters, he covers such topics as scales, arpeggios and broken chords, chromatics, and scales in thirds, but he does so with varying patterns like half scales, sequential scales, continuous arpeggio expansion, and by varying meters. By providing parts of the whole and ways to practice them, students then understand the patterns better and master the whole more fully. The final two chapters focus on working on difficult passages and how to organize practice. Bartels’s clear language, clever titles, copious musical examples, and effective strategies make this a book useful one for flutists of many ability levels.   Flute Talk Magazine


For Younger Players 1
Finger Buster In G major 2
Finger Busters 2
Finger Buster In F major 2
Finger Buster In D Harmonic Minor 3
Finger Buster In E Harmonic Minor 3
Finger Buster In A Harmonic Minor 3
Finger Buster In D Melodic Minor 4
Finger Buster In E Melodic Minor 4
Finger Buster In A Melodic Minor 4
Half Scales Major Keys 5
Half Scales Minor Keys 7
Major Half Scales With Their Triad 9
Minor Half Scales With Their Triad 11
Sequential Half Scales Plus Triads 13
One Octave Major Scales And Arpeggios 15
One Octave Harmonic Minor Scales and Arpeggios 17
One Octave Melodic Minor Scales And Arpeggios 19
Semibreves To Demisemiquavers 21
Scales 23
Modal Scales With A Minim At The Top 24
Continuous Modal Scales 25
Scale Challenges 26
Loopy Scale Challenge 26
The Original Scale Challenge 27
Sequential Scale Challenge 28
Triplet-Gigue Scale Challenge 29
Block Scales 30
Intensive Five Note Scale Blitz 32
6/8 Fine Finger Movement 33
9/8 Fine Finger Movement 37
Fibonacci Scale 42
Simplified Fibonacci Scale 43
Building A Scale From The Top 45
Whole Tone Scales 47
Arpeggios and Broken Chords 48
Building An Arpeggio 49
Repeating Intervals 51
Arpeggio in 3/8 51
Arpeggios by Threes 52
Breaking Up Broken Chords 54
Semiquaver Broken Chords 55
Continuously Expanding Arpeggio 56
Diminished Arpeggios and Broken Chords 57
Diminished 7th Arpeggios 58
Dominant 7th Arpeggios and Broken Chords 60
Chromatics 62
Chromatic Corners 63
Climbing Chromatics 64
Repeated Semiquaver Blocks 65
Pausing On The Beat 67
Pausing At The Octave 67
Pillar Notes 68
The Four Augmented Triads 69
Octave Leaps 70
Tied Up 9/8 Chromatic 72
6/8 Chromatic By Step 74
Scales In Tirds 76
Rising And Descending Thirds 77
Thirds in Three Four 78
Manageable Blocks By Step 79
Manageable Blocks Ascending and Descending 80
Looping Around 81
Building Up Your Scales In Thirds 82
Scales In Thirds Over The Entire Range 83
Working On Challenging Passages 85
Using Rhythms On A Run 86
Pausing On Each Note 87
Rhythmic Alterations In Compound Time 89
Pausing On Each Note in Compound Time 90
The Backwards Game 93
The Forwards Game 95
Forward Fibonacci Run 97
Backward Fibonacci Run 99
Organizing Your Practice 101
Cycle of Fifths 102
Key Of The Week 103
Brushing Your Teeth 105
Charts 106
Everything From A Single Pitch 107


In my usual teaching week I have the joy of working with the youngest of beginners through to advanced tertiary students. Over the years I have noticed there are ample resources for young students and plenty of books for advanced players but not much material to bridge the gap between the two. Supercharge Your Flute Technique is borne from the need to traverse that gap. It contains a plethora of exercises I have created and used over many years, in order for you to Supercharge Your Flute Technique.

The book is divided into seven chapters focusing on different aspects of playing. The first chapter is for the younger player who may be new to focused technical work while the final chapter provides some ideas for the more advanced player to structure their technical practice. In between you’ll discover plenty of exercises on scales, arpeggios, broken chords, chromatics, thirds and even a chapter on practicing difficult passages. At first glance some of the exercises may appear straightforward but don’t be deceived by this apparent simplicity as they should only be treated as a template for further study. Learn to play them in all major and minor keys adjusting the range, tempi and articulation for your level of playing. You can make the exercises as easy or as challenging as you like.

It is imperative to use a metronome, adjusting the given tempi as required. Articulation patterns are suggestions and a wide variety of patterns should be employed.

By mixing the keys, range, tempi and articulation patterns you can alter any of the exercises to make them your own. Use the exercises as a springboard to make your technical practice varied and interesting. It is worth the effort as the ability to play quickly, evenly and effortlessly enables the player to come out from behind the notes and present their musical message with increased conviction and engagement.

There is no need to work through the book in order. Find the exercises that you like and master them first. Eventually you should aim to learn all the exercises in all keys, at fast tempi, over the entire range!

So good luck and have fun supercharging your flute technique!


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