1. Easy – beginning, elementary, early junior high, rhythms to eighth notes, limited range, less complex key signatures.

2. Intermediate – junior high, early high school, range generally to 2 1/2 octaves, more complex rhythms and musical demands, easy ornamentation; for example: Telemann Sonatas, Melodious and Progressive Book 1

3. Moderately difficult – High school, early college level; increased demands in interpretation; rhythm, key range, technique

4. Advanced – College, Conservatory level; extended range; technically and interpretively complex, but generally written within the confines of traditional notation and performance methods; for example: J.S. Bach Sonatas, Mozart Concerti

5. Extremely difficult – Technically difficult; may make sure of extended techniques or non-traditional notation systems

About our Grading System

Our 5-stage system is meant as a general guide to assist you in selection materials of the appropriate level. Evaluation considered both technical and musical aspects. These grades remain our opinion only, and are not intended to infer a definitive designation.

Solo collections and method-etude books in particular often contain a cross-section of levels so as to appeal to the largest number of people. We try to grade selections according to the median or predominant level of the book. The above descriptions are intended as rule-of-thumb identification of each grade.