We Are Buying Used Flutes Everyday!

If you have a flute that you’re interested in selling, we want to know about it. Email us regarding the make, model, age, and general condition of the instrument, as well as a description of the features (B foot, open hole, inline/offset G, etc). We are most interested in flutes with open hole key, offset G, B footjoint flutes as well as certain piccolos and headjoints.

We may ask you to ship the instrument to us for inspection prior to purchase. Please be certain it is clearly labeled, “Attn: Consignments” with your name and contact information attached to the case or case cover.  Please only send your instrument if we have requested it.

To contact us regarding the purchase of your flute, email [email protected].

About Our Used Flutes

The vast majority of used instruments we offer are Flute World Certified. Certification involves detailed inspection and evaluation, and any necessary service is completed to bring the instrument to its peak level of performance before it is listed for sale. This is the best way to guarantee our customers receive the excellent instruments they are searching for. Certification offers the buyer a solid guarantee of the instrument’s mechanical integrity and level of play. In addition, all Flute World Certified flutes are backed by our free 90-Day Service Program and are eligible for our exclusive Flute World Annual Service Program.

As Is:
We offer some instruments for sale “as is,” without certification. “As is” flutes are not available for trial or eligible for our 90-Day Service Program or our Annual Service Program.